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About Our Team

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Creating a catering company in Rockford, IL was a dream of ours, from the first experience with food our founder knew that delivering high quality meals is what we do. Creating an exciting and unique menu that fits your wedding, breakfast or event is the exciting part. We relish in the opportunity to tailor courses and meals to fit the dietary restrictions, specific tastes and aesthetic of your gathering. Creating a successful catering event takes more than just good tasting food, knowing the proportions, understanding that you eat with your eyes first and creating an experience is all part of our job description. Since conception we have worked to hone our skills by hiring amazing chefs, bringing on talented staff and retaining these community members through meaningful and respectful employment. We work tirelessly to find the right solutions for your catering needs no matter the flavor and style that you require! Understanding that our customers come first and that your happiness means our success is important to Catering Services in Rockford, IL. Without this relationship you will surely be left disappointed and let down by a different competitor. Catering your wedding, breakfast, buffet, catering and delivery functions with high taste levels and superior customer service is what we do. Built around a common goal to serve our customers to the highest degree and holding that non-relenting passion our company will continue to serve Rockford, IL with class.


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